The team of biomicrosystems, leaded by Dr. Johann F. Osma , has more than 20 researchers from different fields (engineers from electronics, mechanics, chemistry, environmental, civil, and computers; chemists, biologists, microbiologists, anthropologists, artists and designers).
We work on the development of biosensors and microsystems especially driven for environmental monitoring, detection, defense and aerospace.
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Environmental monitoring, detection, defense and aerospace are our main research areas. We develop technology and promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship. 
Have you consider joining our team but do not know how. Thus sections explains you the basis of our group and our team stategy. 
Description of our team members, photo gallery and much more. Learn more about our profiles. 

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 Latest news

500 more cited Colombians (01/2015)

Dr. Johann F. Osma, was classified in the top 250 of the most cited scientists in Colombia.

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Environmental monitor selected as top research product (12/2014)

Researchers Lina Carvajal and Camilo Melendez presented the development of the environmental monitor, that was selected as one of the tops resarch products in 2014 by Connect Bogota. We congratulate our researchers.

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Aerospace rocket sold (11/2014)

As part of the agreement between TEC of Monterrey (Guadalajara, Mexico) and Universidad de los Andes, the Aerospace Uniandinian Project (PUA) sold its last aerospace mission to be launched in Mexico in 2015. This is the first internationla trade of PUA project, we congratulate all the members of PUA from the different groups and departments. 

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Ibersensor conferences (10/2014)

Researchers Jorge Gamarra and Maria Camila Guacheta, presented their works based on sensor (explosives and H2S gas respectively) at the Ibersensor Conference.

>> Watch the photo of Jorge

>> Watch the photo of Camila 


COMSOL workshop (10/2014)

Researchers Santiago Escobar and Alberto Barros, gave a workshop of COMSOL based on the problem of microfluidics and electromagnetic fields analysis. Students and researchers from different countries including Brasil, Spain, Argentina and Colombia were part of this wrokshop.

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New Master student in France  (09/2014)

Andres Felipe Osorio, former bachelor from the group, is now a MSc student of the Ècole des mines de Nantes (France). We wish him the best in his future scientific career.

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Business Fair (08/2014)

A group of our researchers including Nicolas Zuluaga and Santiago Jumah from "Real Labs", as well as Carol Naranjo and Juan David Godoy from "Quot", presented their spin off companies at the Business Fair of Tecnnova in Medellin.

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New PhD student in Texas  (08/2014)

Juan Camilo Gonzalez, former bachelor and Master student from the group, is now a PhD student of the University of Texas at Austin. We wish him the best in his future scientific career.

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Dr. Ioanis Katakis visit (06/2014)

Research Professor Dr. Ioanis Katakis visited the group and the university, sharing his knowledge and experience in our biomicrosystem seminar as well as part of the summer course entitled "Bionanotechnology: from bench to market". Dr. Katakis also started a monetary prize for innovation, a prize that, we hope, will join the efforts of URV and Uniandes to promote innovataion and high tech development. Jorge Malo, Mateo Pineda and Santigo Escobar, one of our students, earned the prize for the innitiative PAR (Primeros Auxilios Remotos).

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National forum on nanotechnology and mercury contamination (06/2014)

The national nanotechnology network (RedNano Colombia) organized the first forum related to the problem of mercury contamination and the nanotechnology as a possible solution. The forum took plced at Universidad Pontificia Javeriana with the cordination of Dr. Edgar Gonzalez (General Cordinator of RedNano Colombia) and the participation of Dr. Johann F. Osma (Secretary) as chairman of the expert panel discussion forum. The forum counted with the participation of people form the academy, the government and many entities.

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Dr. Ciara O'Sullivan visit (06/2014)

Research Professor Dr. Ciara O'Sullivan visited the group and the university, sharing her knowledge and experience in our biomicrosystem seminar as well as part of the summer course entitled "Bionanotechnology: from bench to market". Dr. O'Sullivan has a tremendous career in the development of biosensors and integrated nanotechnology, leading her group, NBG (NanoBiotechnology and Bioanalysis Group) into the most amazing biosensing technologies.

>> Read about her Celiac disease project

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Blog contribution for Nature (05/2014)

Dr. Johann F. Osma periodically publishes in the blog "Trade Secrets" of Nature. This last entry is entitled "Colombia, new land of innovation and entrepreneurs?" and is available since 16th of May.

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>> Read the previous blog


Research stay at Sweden (05/2014)

PhD student Cesar Hernandez is now at the "Biosensors & Bioelectronics Centre" of the Linkoping University working under the supervision of Dr. Valerio Beni in his first research stay. He will work on biosensors based on aptamers and we are sure he will have a wonderful stay.

>> Watch some photos of the farewell party 


RedNanoColombia (04/2014)

Dr. Johann F. Osma was elected as Secretary of the Colombian nanotechnology Network (RednanoColombia), in the same meeting as Dr. Edgar E. Gonzalez was elected as General Coordinator. This recently created network wants to lead Colombia to a nanotechnology state policy and to promote the research and efforts of many researchers and institutions in the field.

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Visit to the TEC of Monterrey -Guadalajara, Mexico- (04/2014)

Dr. Johann F. Osma was invited as an "Academic Leader" by the Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC) placed at Guadalajara, Mexico, to promote the relationship among universities and to grow the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by means of research. Dr. Osma was kindly received by Principal of TEC Guadalajara Dr. Mario Adrian Florez during his visit and gave several lectures and seminars, as well as visits to INTEL, FreeScale, Continental among others.

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Working at the ARMY  (04/2014) 

Jorge Gamarra was hired by the ARMY (Escuela de Infanteria del Ejército) as a Researcher to promote the development of high impact projects. Jorge has the mission to promote and enhance join initiaves with our group. We wish the best to Jorge in his new position.

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German delegate visit  (04/2014) 

Dr. Michael Bahles from the BSP Business School Berlin Potsdam visited us and presented some Business Postgarde School oportunities at Berlin. We hope to see him again in a near future.

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Two of our members received their diploma as MSc. Engineers (03/2014) 

Juan Camilo Gonzalez and Sara Segura got their degree on MSc. Engineering on Electronics and Computers. Juan Camilo will continue his research career as a PhD student in Austis (Texas) with a a Fullbright grant, while Sara is already working at IDEAM impulsing the technology development for environmental monitoring..

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A new open book has been published "Biosensors: Recent advances and mathematical challenges" (03/2014) 

Dr. Johann F. Osma and Dr. Margarita Stoytcheva have published a book entitled "Biosensors: Recent advances and mathematical challenges". In this book, Juan Camilo Gonzalez and Cesar Hernandez has published a book chapter each.

>> Download the book


A new article has been published in the Journal "Revista de Ingeniería" (02/2014) 

Juan Camilo Gonzalez, Adriana Ascencio and Camila Gonzalez-Willianson published their work "Laccase Alginate Encapsulation: Comparison between Assisted and Non-assisted Extrusion for Large-scale Production" at the Volume 39, of the Journal "Revista de Ingeniería". This paper has been dedicated to CMUA's founder and former Director, Prof. Antonio Garcia Rozo for his oustanding career. 

>> Visit the journal website


 Two new articles published in the Journal "Ciencia y Tecnología del Ejército" (02/2014) 

Andres Ramirez published his work "Wireless sensor network for measuring temperature and pressure", while Daniel Ardila, Daniel Duarte, Andrés García and Andrea Rozo published their work "The design and implementation of a silage machine for small agricultural producers" at the Volume 5, number 2 of the Journal "Ciencia y Tecnología del Ejército". 

>> Visit the journal website


Maha Yusuf - World Startup Report Pakistan Ambassador - and Monica Rodriguez visited us (02/2014) 

Maha Yusuf, World Startup Report Pakistan Ambassador, a enthusiast entrepreneur, visited our group meeting in companion of Monica Rodriguez -journalist-  and joined one of our innitiatives to cast a nanotechnology web-show for children and industry. We welcome Maha and Monica to our group.
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 Red NanoColombia / Colombian nanotechnology Network (02/2014)

Adriana Ascencio, Johann F. Osma and Alba Avila participated from los Andes in the creation of Red Nanocolombia, the Colombian Nanotechnology Network. during this event, that took place in Cartagena, the second issue of nano Ciencia y Tecnología Magazine was distributed and includes a deep analysis of the importance of this network.

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Our entrepreneurs in "Contacto" magazine (02/2014)

Susana Silva, with her nanotechnology superhidrophobic process (pag 33), and Nicolas Zuluaga and Santiago Jumah with their 3D printer of microresolution (pag 43) were interviewed for the "Contacto" magazine.

 >> See the magazine


Working at IDEAM (01/2014)

Sara Segura was hired by IDEAM (Instituto de Hidrología, Meteorología y Estudios Ambientales) a week after she finished her MSc. and presented her Thesis document. We wish her the best in her new professional life. This new position started a collaboration with IDEAM in the creation of a new generation meteorological statin.

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NANO VAN GOGH by Camilo Velez and Isaac Torres (01/2014) 

 2014-02-NanoVanGogh CamiloVelez IsaacTorres

Watch the full size image 

Camilo Velez, former MSc student of the group, with Isaac Torres won the first place in the Biomedical Engineering Research Photography Contest at University of Florida. True color of optical microscope image CoFe nanoparticles that self-assembled into an interesting fractal-type pattern. These Magnetic nanoparticles are used for medical applications. The real dimension of the picture is 200 micrometers by 150 micrometers and particles are 25 nanometers.

Blog contributor for Nature (01/2014)

Recently, Nature group, invited Dr. Johann F. Osma to periodically publish on their blog "Trade Secrets". The first articles entitled "3 years in Bogota; a 3-path strategy" is available since 16th of January.



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